Low T Treatment via Hormone Therapy

As the field of medical science is advancing, new treatment options are making their way into mainstream medicine. Scientists are using advanced technologies and therapies to find solutions to different diseases and conditions. The field of hormone replacement therapy continues to advance rapidly, and the result is a series of modern therapy options for men living with low testosterone levels.

Low T and Its Effects

Testosterone is a hormone that is responsible for overall physical and mental wellbeing in males. It is an essential chemical for men that regulates sex drive, muscle development and energy levels. Men with adequate levels of testosterone in their body tend to be active in nearly all the aspects of their life. On the other hand, men with lower levels of testosterone can look older than their actual age, and can develop symptoms like sexual dysfunction, irritability, tiredness, and weight gain.

Low T Treatment

Low T treatment refers to a procedure where the levels of testosterone are adjusted in the body to return testosterone to a more normal range. Several methods are used to boost testosterone levels; in most cases, injections of bio-identical hormones or the application of topical testosterone cream will be necessary to achieve the desired hormone balance. As levels of testosterone get replenished, the patient feels active, younger, and more confident. ENERGENEX™ offers safe and effective hormone replacement therapy, including Low T treatment and human growth hormone (HGH) therapy.

The ENERGENEX™ program is medically supervised by experts in hormone therapy. Men who think they might be suffering from Low T are encouraged to answer a few simple questions on the ENERGENEX™ site and undergo a simple blood test to receive a complete diagnosis.

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