Low T May Put Your Life at Risk

When most of us think of health issues related to low testosterone levels, we probably think of energy levels and sex drive. However, a recent study indicates that men who have heart disease are at greater risk if they also have low testosterone levels. With the ENERGENEX program in San Diego, our male hormone treatment options are designed specifically to treat the whole body to restore balance, and not just look at a few symptoms.

Heart Disease and Low T

Low testosterone levels may mean a higher risk for developing heart disease. Additionally, in men who already have heart disease, low testosterone levels show a direct correlation with worse outcomes for those patients. Low T combined with heart disease often indicates an earlier death from the disease.

More research and clinical studies are needed in order to determine the most effective level of hormone replacement therapy in these men. However, there are several studies already in existence that offer patient reports of feeling better in several aspects, both physical and emotional, after testosterone levels are normalized.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

There are many steps you can take to improve the health of your heart if you’re at risk of heart disease: cutting back on fats and salt, exercising more, and practicing stress-relief techniques. By improving the health of your whole body, your heart becomes healthier too.

Hormone replacement works in much the same way. At our center in San Diego, low testosterone levels in men are normalized through a physician-monitored process that helps restore balance to your entire body. Physical and emotional symptoms should dissipate, and your body will have more energy. It’s all part of keeping a healthy heart.

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