Low T and Leydig Cells

The process of making testosterone is a complex one. San Diego men with Low T may have a number of symptoms, including both physical and psychological concerns. The Leydig cells are key players in the natural testosterone production process. What’s the connection between Leydig cells and Low T?

How Testosterone Is Made

The process of making testosterone begins with a signal from the brain, which is sent when the hypothalamus notices that testosterone levels are low. Special hormones are released that cause the pituitary gland to produce two hormones called FSH and LH. The LH stimulates the Leydig cells, which in turn begin producing testosterone.

The way Leydig cells make testosterone is by converting cholesterol into testosterone. For the most part, the Leydig cells are able to collect enough cholesterol from the bloodstream for this process. However, if cholesterol is in short supply, the testicles can make just enough to kick start the Leydig cells into testosterone production.

Low T is diagnosed when the Leydig cells are no longer producing testosterone at the necessary levels. The symptoms of Low T include fatigue, reduced sex drive, memory and concentration problems and weight gain, especially around the belly. Low T has also been connected to mood swings, and men with Low T have higher rates of being diagnosed with clinical depression.

Getting Treatment

If you’ve noticed changes in your body recently that make you suspect you have Low T, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy may be able to help. Once the Leydig cells are producing enough testosterone, you’ll enjoy a renewed level of youthful vitality again.

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