How to Lose Belly Fat with Testosterone Therapy

Men who have been struggling with stubborn belly fat probably aren’t thinking much about their hormone levels, but low testosterone may be the primary culprit in extra pounds around the midsection. For many men, testosterone replacement therapy can be the perfect complementary treatment to diet and exercise to help lose belly fat and keep it off for good.

The Belly Fat Connection

Extra weight that collects around the belly is a prime indicator of hormone imbalance, including low testosterone as well as high estrogen (in women) and low DHEA (an adrenal hormone). Belly fat is also an indicator of high insulin and high cortisol levels. If you tend to gain weight around the abdomen, your body shape also indicates that you’re at higher risk for heart disease as well as diabetes.

When most of us start noticing extra weight gain, our first instinct is to adjust our diet and exercise to try and slim back down. When the excess weight is due to hormonal imbalance, however, the weight will linger until the underlying cause is resolved. Testosterone therapy from the San Diego doctors at ENERGENEX helps correct hormone imbalance, bringing your body’s systems back to optimal health to help you lose your belly fat as well as improve your energy levels and feel like yourself again.

The Human Machine

Few people realize the incredible complexity of the human body and how many hormones have to be in proper ratio with each other in order to function at your best. Although belly fat may be one of the more obvious and frustrating symptoms of hormone imbalance, losing the weight is definitely possible with the right combination of hormone therapy and lifestyle changes.

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