Health Risks Associated with Low T

When faced with hormone imbalance, it’s all too easy to focus on the immediate symptoms of hormone imbalance rather than think about the effects on overall physical and mental health. While the symptoms of Low T are enough in and of themselves to affect the overall quality of life for many men, there are some other health risks associated with low testosterone as well.

Hormone Balance for Whole Body Health

Testosterone is just one of many hormones produced by the body, all of which are essential for optimum health. In addition to being present at the correct levels, these hormones have to be in balance with each other as well. When testosterone levels decline, men will notice specific symptoms like reduced sex drive, moodiness and a drop in energy, among others. Yet, more than these, there may be larger health concerns involved.

Health issues that have been connected to having low testosterone include obesity, hypertension (high blood pressure), circulatory disorders and diabetes. One study even showed that men with low testosterone had a 33 percent higher mortality risk over the following 18 years compared to men with healthy testosterone levels, while another indicated that men with Low T were not only more likely to have high blood pressure and diabetes, but were also 2.5 times more likely to die within the following decade compared to men with better hormone balance. When testosterone replacement was administered by bioidentical hormone therapy doctors, risk levels for the development of diabetes and cardiovascular disease were improved.

While resolving Low T isn’t a magic cure-all, the body does need all the hormones to be in balance with each other in order to function properly. Hormone replacement is a safe and effective solution for doing just that, and returning you to whole-body health.

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