Could Low T Affect Your Marriage?

While hormones probably aren’t your first guess as to why your marriage could be in trouble, the truth is that low testosterone levels might play a critical role. When the effects of low testosterone help determine mood, energy levels and sex drive, it’s not hard to see how an overall decline in those qualities could negatively impact your spouse. With testosterone therapy, more men are finding a winning solution for getting their relationship back on track.

The Toll of Low T

It’s easy to look at the link between testosterone levels and sex drive and assume that’s the primary reason that marriages could hit the rocks around the same time those levels started dropping. The truth is, hormones just aren’t that simple. While physical intimacy is a big part of marriage, there are other symptoms of Low T that could be equally detrimental in a relationship, like mood swings or constant low energy and fatigue.

In some cases, Low T has also been linked to more serious mental health issues like depression and anxiety disorders. Even mild cases of these can put a strain on the healthiest relationship, and more severe cases can be detrimental.

Getting Back on Track

The good news is that healing can truly begin at the source for hormone-related issues with testosterone replacement therapy. While other approaches like Viagra or antidepressants only treat the symptoms brought about by Low T, hormone treatments can return you to more vibrant inner and outer health, and may help return your marriage to an improved state of health too.


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