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Testosterone Therapy in Women

Although the San Diego medical community mainly discusses testosterone therapy in the context of treating men, there can be benefits to women seeking treatment as well. Research indicates that testosterone replacement therapy may help women who are struggling with low … Continue reading

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Irritable Male Syndrome: Mood Swings in Andropause

Everyone in San Diego is familiar with Pre-Menstrual Syndrome in women, or PMS. The hormone fluctuations experienced during a woman’s menstrual cycle can make her moody and irritable before her period. New research is showing that men may experience something … Continue reading

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The Link between Low Testosterone and Hair Loss

Although there can be multiple factors which contribute to hair loss, testosterone therapy from our San Diego facility may be able to help. Both men and women can be affected by hormone-related hair loss, and correcting the underlying hormone imbalances … Continue reading

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San Diego Testosterone Replacement Patients Choose ENERGENEX

Testosterone replacement therapy is the most effective treatment to manage low T levels in men. An increasing number of affected men are choosing ENERGENEX to reverse the ravages of aging, such as fatigue, weight gain, reduced energy levels, and reduced … Continue reading

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