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The Truth about “Male Menopause”

Everyone is familiar with menopause, the phase when a woman’s body experiences a drastic hormonal change as her monthly cycle stops. However, not many people are aware that men go through a similar, if much less publicized, change in hormone … Continue reading

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Irritable Male Syndrome: Mood Swings in Andropause

Everyone in San Diego is familiar with Pre-Menstrual Syndrome in women, or PMS. The hormone fluctuations experienced during a woman’s menstrual cycle can make her moody and irritable before her period. New research is showing that men may experience something … Continue reading

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Try Low T Therapy before Resorting to Viagra

If you’re struggling with symptoms of erectile dysfunction, your doctor may suggest a prescription for Viagra or another pill to restore sexual capability. Erectile dysfunction may be caused by many factors, including an inadequate amount of testosterone, or Low T. … Continue reading

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Is Andropause a Real Thing?

There are certainly those who wonder whether andropause really exists. In this era of new-age remedies, it may seem like there’s a “syndrome” for every ailment that comes along. But that doesn’t mean that legitimate issues, like andropause, should be … Continue reading

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Are You Experiencing Andropause?

Men going through andropause in San Diego should seek out a doctor who can guide them through the entire testosterone treatment process. Low T treatment can help fight the effects of aging, particularly hormonal imbalances that often lead to reduction … Continue reading

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