Are You Getting Older, or Is It Just Low T?

One of the reasons why so many men with low testosterone levels go undiagnosed for far too long is because they assume their symptoms are simply a normal part of growing older. When they do finally seek treatment from our bioidentical hormone therapy doctors, they’re often surprised to learn that the aging process doesn’t have to make them feel that way.

Aging vs. Hormones

Aging carries with it a lot of universal symptoms for both men and women: the development of grey hair and wrinkles, switching over to bifocals and starting to feel like today’s music is just a bunch of noise. Along with these hallmarks come changes like increased fatigue, mood swings, changes in sexual function and weight gain in new places like around the belly.

Although that spare tire may seem like the universal retirement uniform, the truth is that irritability, energy loss and packing on the extra pounds isn’t necessarily a part of the standard aging process. In fact, these are more likely symptoms of low testosterone levels.

For the record, sexual dysfunction and other signs of Low T aren’t something you just have to put up with because you’re entering your next stage of life. Every man absolutely deserves full vitality at every age, and increasing your testosterone levels can help you return to full vitality again. With hormone replacement therapy, your testosterone levels can be brought back to a healthier range of normal; soon, you’ll be surprised at just how good getting older can feel.

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