5 Things Every Fitness Fanatic Should Do before Turning 60

With male hormone replacement therapy, San Diego men nearing retirement can still accomplish all kinds of physically challenging adventures they missed out on while raising families and pursuing their careers. Here are five that shouldn’t be missed:

Colorado River Rafting

This vigorous rafting trip will take you down the bottom of the Grand Canyon, an area that’s impossible to reach by any other means. From start to finish, the trip will take a few weeks and reservations are made sometimes years in advance.

Learning to Surf

Surfing doesn’t have to be a sport just for young men. With the proper low T treatment, San Diego men may find that they have the energy to grab a board and head right to the beach after work, even if they’re closer to retirement age than the average surfer.

Hiking the Appalachian Trail

Stretching along the East Coast for over 2000 miles, hiking the Appalachian Trail remains one of the benchmarks of true physical fitness. No matter what your age, this hike is all about extensive planning and maintaining your stamina.

Running the Boston Marathon

The Boston Marathon is the pinnacle of U.S. marathon racing. The qualifying standard just to get in has been tightening up in recent years, so you’ll have to do some serious training and snag a competitive time in a Boston-qualifier like the Rock & Roll San Diego Marathon in June. Boston is a must for any serious distance runner.

Climbing Kilimanjaro

Although climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro is not difficult in the technical sense, only about 50 percent of those who attempt this physically demanding climb actually make the summit. The secret is to get in outstanding shape ahead of time and ease into the high altitude. Once you’ve seen the view from the top, you’ll join the ranks of the true fitness fanatics.

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