3 Signs Your ADHD Might Really Be Low T

Although attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder is primarily thought of as a problem for kids, adults can also be diagnosed with ADHD. For a number of reasons, this condition may be easily missed by doctor and patient alike; in some cases, the ADHD diagnosis itself may be incorrect, as many of the symptoms could actually be caused by a different health concern such as Low T.

1. You Have Mood Swings

Mood swings are very common in those who are diagnosed with ADHD, but they’re also a hallmark of reduced testosterone levels. These can include moving rapidly from feeling positive to negative and back again, being quick to feel irritated by minor issues or just feeling like you’re not as emotionally steady as usual.

2. You Have Problems with Concentration and Focus

Of course it’s normal for everyone to have trouble staying focused once in a while, but persistent brain fog and inability to concentrate can be a sign that something else is going on. Some doctors may conclude that the “something else” is ADHD, but an underlying testosterone imbalance could be to blame instead.

3. Your ADHD Medication Isn’t Helping

There’s no blood test to definitively determine the presence of ADHD; diagnosis is made based on reported symptoms, the doctor’s observation and perhaps a written test. If you initially visited your doctor out of concern over memory lapses and mood swings, it’s not unusual for that doctor to assume that you have ADHD and write a prescription. When your symptoms are caused by low testosterone levels rather than ADHD, though, ADHD medications aren’t going to make much of an improvement.

Conversely, some patients who have been struggling with ADHD ineffectively for years find that testosterone therapy makes a huge improvement in their quality of life…indicating that the problem was never ADHD at all.

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